Feature Product
Easy Attender

Order Booking System

Easy Attender is a voice driven telephone system that helps your business clients/customers to place or book order for your goods or services.

Easy Attender is capable of entertaining the callers, as soon as they are in touch with your business Read more...

Feature Project

New Kabul Bank is Afghanistan largest commercial bank. I have privileged to design & implement the Phone Banking system (3131) for New Kabul Bank.

Its asterisk clustering that involved several multiples servers using Linux CentOS and digital (PRI-ISDN) terminations. It started a new era of business in Afghanistan and has expanded enormously.



"I’ve worked with Numan on several projects over the past few years, and he is our go to person when it comes to voice over IP telephony systems. He has helped us build complex custom tools and systems which allowed us to deliver unique products to our customers. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about using Numan for your VOIP needs, as I will surely continue working with him whenever the needs arise."

Steven Cho
Los Angeles USA

"Easy to communicate with Numan. Our project turned out bigger than expected but Numan freed his time and resolved it."

Melvin Reep
Syntomax Network Solutions
Amsterdam Netherland


Asterisk™ is generally also known as 'Swiss Army Knife' that means it has multiple usage and applications in telecommunication industry.

One very cost effective usage of asterisk ™ is to use for hosted IP PBX (Private Branch eXchange) that can act as centralized PBX for a business and remote extensions can be created via IP (Internet Protocol). This help the business to have different physical locations but connected to one centralized communications and act as local PBX. 

Asterisk ™ can also be used as peer to peer connectivity for diverse businesses that don't share local network and have frequent communications. It can act as SIP gateway, GSM gateway, PSTN to VoIP gateway.

Asterisk Multi Site Connectivity

Remote/multi site connectivity with Asterisk


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