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Easy Attender

Order Booking System

Easy Attender is a voice driven telephone system that helps your business clients/customers to place or book order for your goods or services.

Easy Attender is capable of entertaining the callers, as soon as they are in touch with your business Read more...

Feature Project

New Kabul Bank is Afghanistan largest commercial bank. I have privileged to design & implement the Phone Banking system (3131) for New Kabul Bank.

Its asterisk clustering that involved several multiples servers using Linux CentOS and digital (PRI-ISDN) terminations. It started a new era of business in Afghanistan and has expanded enormously.



"I’ve worked with Numan on several projects over the past few years, and he is our go to person when it comes to voice over IP telephony systems. He has helped us build complex custom tools and systems which allowed us to deliver unique products to our customers. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about using Numan for your VOIP needs, as I will surely continue working with him whenever the needs arise."

Steven Cho
Los Angeles USA

"Easy to communicate with Numan. Our project turned out bigger than expected but Numan freed his time and resolved it."

Melvin Reep
Syntomax Network Solutions
Amsterdam Netherland


 Asterisk – The Indispensable Software For Business Worldwide

 Asterisk is a software created by Digium which converts the computer into a communication server. It is an open source system that can be used to build a communication application suitable for running day-to-day businesses. It permits telephones to call each other like any other private branch exchange known as PBX and also allows connection with a variety of telephone services which include VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Asterisk has become highly popular due to its wide range of flexibility which allows it to convert any computer into a sophisticated high end telephone system. Its affordability and functionality has made Asterisk the most coveted software for business purposes in recent times.


The software was developed in 1999 by Mark Spencer working for Digium. It was released with a dual license which consisted of a general public license (GPL) for the free software along with a proprietary license which allows distribution of both the software as well as the yet unpublished system components. The name of the software had been derived from the asterisk symbol (*). The initial version of Asterisk ran on Linux servers but has now been adapted to run on a variety of other operating systems including Mac OS X, Solaris, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and FreeBSD. AsteriskWin32 needs to be used for running it on Microsoft Windows.

 Business Usage of Asterisk:

 A number of businesses including government agencies in several countries have started using Asterisk. Call centers and carriers across the world also have grown to be dependent on this open source communication platform. The following services can be provided without any hassles by using Asterisk.

Calling Card System: Calling cards have become one of the top VoIP based businesses which incorporate A2Billing with the help of Asterisk. This has helped many medium and start up businesses to set up an effective yet inexpensive calling card management system.

 Voice Messaging Services: Asterisk provides multiple message storage systems and can help to integrate several messaging techniques at the same time making it a top class platform for messaging.

 Call routing: This is mostly used by big offices or call centers which receive a large number of calls every day. Automatic call distributors, ‘Predictive Dialer’ and ‘Interactive Voice Response’ applications, as well as call recording facilities can be successfully incorporated with the help of Asterisk.

Customer Service: Asterisk makes it easier for just a handful of agents to take calls coming in on multiple lines. This provides flexibility as well as better management of calls leaving the customer satisfied.

Entertainment Services: Asterisk helps to support traditional telephony, mobile and a variety of audio-video applications for providing entertainment. Numerous DTH, mobile and sports companies make use of Asterisk to provide hassle free, cheap transmission.

Information Services: Asterisk applications include IVR or ‘Interactive Voice Response’ technique to impart information to a client. This is widely used to provide tracking services, status updates as well as to conduct surveys.

 Conference Bridges: This system allows more than a hundred people to hold a joint conference virtually from the confines of their own homes or offices.

 The popularity of Asterisk has made it one of the most used software across 170 countries. It is now installed in a large number of commercial as well as PABX products. The ‘LinuxMCE home entertainment/automation system’ utilizes Asterisk as well.


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